Kris Koch

Chef, The SIX15 Room

Minnesota native Kris Koch is proud to prepare fresh local ingredients, direct from the independent farmers and growers that make up "the land of 10,000 Lakes" and the Midwest.

Chef Koch prides himself on the relationships he's developed over the years and his ability to locally source only premium, flavorful items on his menu. Offering seasonal dishes that complement the year-round elements Minnesota has become famous for, Koch's passion is inspired not only by his Minnesota roots but also from memorable gatherings of family and friends.

Presiding over The SIX15 Room in The Grand Hotel's lobby, Koch is able to explore the playfulness of this region's culinary bounty and make every guest feel as though they too are part of his extended Minnesota family. Among Koch's specialties include infusing elements into the culinary experience to please the palate and enrich the occasion.

  • Q:What does infusion mean to you?
  • A:To me, infusion is the addition of a flavor into one that is common to your palate. It can also be combining two everyday ingredients together to create a whole new flavor profile. Infusion can go both ways - if you try too hard or make a bad combination it can become confusion.
  • Q:What kinds of things do you infuse?
  • A:I generally start with the basics: oil, vinegars, tea, salt or alcohol. The key is to ensure that the main ingredient doesn't overpower the others or it will lose its purpose of enhancing the flavor.
  • Q:What's important in order to create an infusion, any special tools?
  • A: I use items that can be found in every day kitchens, grocery stores and ethnic food markets - like good quality teas, aromatics (ginger, lemon grass, spices) herb, citrus, fresh berries and dried fruits. I use a heavy bottom stainless steel pan and a strainer or sieve, but other items like coffee filters or a French press also work.

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